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This page shows our standard 3-bedroom homes.

Code [ K ] denotes: Kitchen or kitchenette can be included. Click <here> to view kitchen examples     


Type SANDAT 4, 63 m2 (678 sqft) + 15.5 m2 (167 sqft) veranda (Code C-1)


  Front elev.  Type 4   Living 15.5 m2, master bedroom 19 m2 + walk-in closet 2.7 m2,  bathroom 3 m2, 2nd and 3rd bedroom 9.1 m2 with shared bathroom 4 m2 and veranda 15.5 m2    
  Left elev. Type 4      


Type ASTER (Code D-7)

Large living with 1/2 bath, open kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 verandas

Ground floor: 149 m2 (1,604 sqft), veranda area: 23 m2 (247 sqft)


  Front elevation


  Right side elevation
  Rear elevation

Floor plan

Living: 22 m2 (237 sqft)   This model was developed based on our Sandat design. The house has high open ceilings and state-of-the-art modern high doors of 2.6 meter (8 ' - 6").  As all our other houses the structure can withstand the wind force of a category 5 hurricane. The triple sliding doors along the front have 6 mm laminated safety glass. All other windows have insulated glass. The sidings with double 25 mm thick Bangkirai boards and the roof are insulated as well.    
Master bedroom: 15 m2 (161 sqft)    
Bedroom 2: 19.5 m2 (210 sqft)    
Bedroom 3: 14.9 m2 (160 sqft)    
Media room: 20.6 m2 (222 sqft)    
Bathroom 1: 8.3 m2 (89 sqft)    
Bathroom 2: 6.3 m2 (68 sqft)    
Bathroom 3: 8.3 m2 (89 sqft)    
Open kitchen: 10.4 m2 (112 sqft)    
Utilities: 8.1 m2 (87 sqft)    
Corridor: 2.5 m2 (27 sqft)      
Hall way: 5.1 (55 sqft)   The roof has wooden shingles following our newly developed system (refer to <shingle roof>  
1/2 bath: 3 m2 (32.2 sqft)      
Closets/store room: 5.2 m2 (56 sqft)      
Verandas: 23 m2 (248 sqft)      


HYACINT (Code C-2)

Ground floor 230 m2 (2,475 sqft) + veranda 42 m2 (452 sqft)

2nd floor 120 m2 (1,290 sqft), balconies 78 m2 (840 sqft)



Hyacint, our largest unit



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