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TEAK (Tectona Grandis)



Teak is one of the most valuable timbers, "the King of Hardwoods", in ancient times considered as "a royal timber". Teak is world wide recognized for its durability and stability, The timber is immensely stable, has a high oil content that works as "built-in" natural water repellent and is therefore virtually immune to rotting, fungi and harsh chemicals. Teak is one of the few timbers that can withstand the heat of the desert and will not readily catch fire.

Untreated teak can be left in the open for more than 30 years whilst becoming an attractive soft silver color. Teak is one of the timbers not susceptible for termite (white ants) attacks.

Teak will not turn black when in contact with metals.   


Teak has a great beauty. It is generally fine to coarsely grained, even texture, medium luster and an oily feel. Yellow brown to dark golden brown heartwood and grayish or white sapwood.

Physical properties

Teak has a high degree of natural durability, is moderately hard and heavy with low stiffness and shock resistance but an excellent decay  resistance and dimensional stability with a good acid resistance.


Exterior and interior doors, parquet, indoor and outdoor furniture, ship decks.

Indonesia exports mainly two type of teak timbers, Bojonegoro teak from the Mid and Mid-East of the island of Java and Banyuwangi teak from the East of Java. Bojonegoro teak is considered one of the highest quality teaks available in the world. It has an unparalleled beauty, warm color and a coarse even structure. Banuywangi teak is somewhat lower in quality, not as warm in color as Bojonegoro teak. It has few small white calcium spots. Banyuwangi is less durable against white ants attack. 

The following Teaks are available (from top ranking to bottom ranking):

Bojonegoro Class V1

The VIP of timbers and the most expensive. Very straight grain, Used as veneer or highest priced teak doors (on special request only).


  Bojonegoro Class H1

Wider spaced grain. Used for the rails and styles for the high class teak doors.

  Bojonegoro Class D1

Mostly used for our door rails, door stiles, door panels  and high class furniture.

Most clients opt for  class D1 for the door stiles, rails and panels due to the beautiful waving coarse grain structure. However, on request, panels can also be fabricated from class V1 or H1   

Class D2 and D3, quite similar to class D1, but coarser grain structure. Used for the lower priced teak furniture.

Bojonegoro Class T1 and T2

This type is mainly used for the lowest priced teak furniture, cornices, wainscots. Very irregular grain with wood eyes. Rarely used for doors, unless on special request.

  Banyuwangi  Class A

Wavy grain and little calcium spots.

Semi irregular grain.


  Banyuwangi Class B

Party brown and white colored

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