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IRON WOOD (Eusideroxylon zwageri)


Iron wood (locally named Ulin) or sometimes called "Belian" is an extremely durable hardwood often used for marine works and heavy construction works. Since the last 5 years Iron wood has gained an enormous popularity as a building material for wood houses. The wood is extremely strong and has a high rated capacity for the use as structural members. The wood is 100% immune to termite attacks. 

Iron wood has a service life time of some 50 to 100 years in ground contact. Iron wood in the open has a life time of some 80 years, even when constantly sprayed by sea water. The wood is therefore an ultimate solution for structures close to open sea.  


The wood texture of Iron wood is fine and even. The  grain is straight and only slightly interlocked, somewhat lustrous. The wood has a lemon-like odor that persists. The heartwood is light brown to almost bright yellow when freshly cut, darkens on exposure to a deep reddish brown to very dark brown. 

Physical properties

Iron wood has a very high strength and durability, is hard and heavy with high stiffness and shock resistance. Excellent decay  resistance and dimensional stability.


Heavy construction, marine work, boat building, piling, industrial flooring, roof shingles and house construction

  Untreated Iron wood

NOTE: The Indonesian Government has decided that as from November 20, 2007, Iron wood is prohibited to be exported, except when certain requirements are fulfilled. For more information click <here> and read the press release of November 25, 2007 

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