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P.T. Bali Woodworld regularly outsources crew and supervisors to help and assist the client with the re-assembly. Though our houses and gazebos are very easy to re-assemble, a number of clients wish physical help from us mainly based on cost saving. Outsourcing a crew may well be far cheaper than entertaining local labor. We have so far outsourced crew and and supervisors to Hawaii, South Africa, the Caribbean and Greece.

If you have the intention to hire a crew from us for the re-assembly of your unit you may be interested in our Outsourcing Document. This document describes the terms and conditions for outsourcing (Client's obligations, working hours, board and lodging, international and local travel, costs, permits, out of station and per diem allowances, etc).

If you are interested to know more send us an e-mail via contact@baliwoodworks.com (*)

(*) Company policy does not allow us to e-mail the full out-sourcing document at a preliminary stage of a project, instead we will e-mail you an abstract describing a selection of the contents of the document in brief, however, when the stage is reached that serious project negotiations have developed we will issue the full document.




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