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(General information page Wooden Prefabricated Houses )

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BALI TIMBER WORLD together with its joint operation partners Bali Timber Houses and Bali Wood Houses is the exclusive Indonesian designer and supplier of high quality prefabricated homes built in our factory in Bali, Indonesia from the exotic termite resistant hardwoods Bangkirai and Merbau.

We offer building contractors and individuals access to homes built from the highest quality hardwoods. We provide you with a quality home at the lowest possible price.

Browse our website to learn how we provide building contractors and homeowners with the ultimate environmentally sound residences, free of mold-ridden drywall, toxic chemicals and materials. 

Experience in your next home exotic hardwood walls inside and out.....built like fine furniture. 

Our prefabricated homes, cottages and gazebos come in easy to build do-it-yourself kit packages, ranging from 15 m2 to 500 m2 (160 sqft to 5,330 sqft). We also supply custom made units to an unlimited square area. 

Gazebos come in maximum rectangular sizes of 6 x 4 meter, square 5 x 5 meter, hectagonal and octagonal.  

Our prefab Bali homes and Gazebos are highlighted by the characteristic roof shape and the typical  open Bali style inside roof structure (no ceiling).  

Our prefab Bali homes and Gazebos are made from top class tropical hardwood harvested solely from certified and sustainably managed hardwood plantations in Indonesia overseen by the Indonesian Government. Our prices include a contribution for the Indonesian reforestation program.

Not one nail is used in our prefab structures. All connections are either bolted with stainless steel bolts and/or fixed with stainless steel screws. Very easy to assemble.

All floor boards, siding- and partition boards, doors, and windows, including all parts normally hidden to the eye are either air dried (*) or kiln dried to maximum 15% moisture content. To learn more about the kiln drying process click  kiln drying

(*) Air drying is in many cases a much better process compared to kiln drying. To learn more about the air drying method click <here>    

To learn more about the Hardwood species we use click Prefab Bali houses

The rapid modular building system does not require building experience to assemble the modules. Main beams, wall panels and roof framing are easily installed with few manpower. A little DIY experience would be sufficient. 

We select materials and finishes to give your home a warmth and style you cannot find with traditional construction, while keeping your residence GREEN and toxin free through the use of French polishing (*) and/or Cetol (*), the ECO friendly polyurethane stain.

(*) We will navigate you back to this page after you have visited the page. 

Architectural & structural drawings will be prepared with our AutoCad system and drawings submitted with the shipment of your order.


Most Counties in Hawaii require static engineering calculations (at least for a 2-storey house) and rubber stamped and approved drawings.


Our engineers utilize state-of-the-art timber construction systems and connections, which all work in compliance with International Codes and Standards: IBC 2006, ASTM, ACI, etc. Our structural calculations, if so required, are prepared with STAAD-PRO 2007, world's most widely used structural engineering and design software. Earthquake and hurricane forces are dealt with in the design.

It is a misconception to believe that a wooden prefab house is a simple structure comprising an integrated system of wooden beams, trusses, sidings and floors connected to each other with bolts and screws. It is not only the beauty of the house but also the structural integrity that counts. In respect to this we would like to inform our visitors that in particular any wooden prefab structure is extremely sensitive for unbalance (in engineering terms: stability), due to the hinged inter-connections. A wooden prefab house may be strong enough for vertical loads, but may easily collapse due to its - often overlooked  - hidden instability.  Under lateral loads such as high winds or an earthquake force any prefab house may easily disintegrate when the horizontal stability is low. This is a professional engineering area where we have tens of years of International experience and where we fully concentrate on for our prefab homes so that you will feel safe when a storm passes or an earthquake occurs.


This house apparently had not sufficient lateral stability (and was not designed by us)


Drawing prepared in AutoCad


Example of calculation sheets

For those interested to read click on the sheets for enlargements

Choices can be made for the roof in either fired and glazed roof tiles, thatched roof (dried alang-alang grass), or Iron wood shingles.


If you wish to order a tailor-made house we will prepare simple conceptual drawings, based on your concept. For obvious reasons, however,  these drawings do not show dimensions but show a general floor plan and one or more elevations.    

We supply a full set of detailed architectural and structural drawings required for the building licenses, assembly process and for contractor's use, inclusive of electrical, water distribution and sewer line drawings free of charge, provided the order has materialized.

We can help and advise you on foundation issues.     

Some examples of detailed drawings


If you are looking for a design only, we can help you. Our architects can work on your concept or we design from early stages for a very reasonable fee. Architectural drawings, structural design drawings, detailed and working drawings, etc. will be submitted ready for use. For further information click <here>


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